Postnuptial Agreement in Indonesia

Postnuptial agreement is a marital contract between husband and wife entered into when couple already married. The postnup basically is a contract governing certain issues like property separation, alimony, child support, and among other issues. 1974 Marriage Law doesn’t say anything about the postnup.

We can only see prenup in there. But that doesn’t make the postnup legally invalid. Although some argue about the validity of the postnup to take a stand at court, it turned out that the postnup works just fine, and legally of course.

The postnup serves like a prenup. Even better. Postnup moves forward and backward, while the prenup only moves forward. Postnup takes care everything retroactively, and consencually between husband and wife. In another words, postnup fix the problem behind you right before you sign it.

Certain requirements must be fulfiled before you can even sign the postnup. Both husband and wife must agree on the terms and conditions set-out in the agreement. Party in the postnup must not feel intimidated by the other. Although there is no legal requirement in Indonesia that each party must be represented by an attorney or a lawyer, a proper legal advise from a highly experience lawyer is indeed recommended.

The postnup can help you sort out the legal issues in your marriage in a way that you want it. Many married couple got it for themselves and walked out happy with big smiles in their faces when they left my office. So, it’s your turn now.

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